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  • ϟ The Magic Begins: Day 1
    Favourite character » Luna Lovegood

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  • breterosexual:

    Larry P: …Is it true you mime the words “F**k you!” Or another suggestion that has been speculated upon “Pluck you!”?

    Figwit (Bret McKenzie): I am not saying either of those things. I am speaking in Elvish but you don’t really hear amongst all of the loud dwarves.

    Larry P: What did you say?

    Figwit (Bret McKenzie): I said the Elvish equivalent of ‘Pluck you! Pluck you all!’. I was so angry with the way the dwarves and men were behaving. Gimli was being so obnoxious. It was the one bit of input I did have.


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  • Who is Kate Bishop? In a word, trouble.

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  • New Who Doctors in their previous incarnation’s clothes

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  • Tatiana Maslany and the women of OB praising each other in the media
    ↳ I am so proud of all you did this year Tat. I miss & love you!! Your little monkey, Skylee
  • In the end It only a passing thing, this shadow, even darkness must pass

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